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The UK government has issued a report on its rail network that [contents / contains] mistakes and questionable promises. The 36-page [prospect / prospectus] is titled "Network North". It was issued in the [wake / woke] of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak [scraping / scrapping] the major HS2 infrastructure project – a high speed rail link connecting the northern city of Manchester to the south. The front cover of the [publishing / publication] seems to have relocated Manchester 70 km north-west. Network North also [committed / commit] to upgrading a road called the A259. However, this road is on the south [coast / coastal] of England. Among [other / another] bloopers, the report vowed to [extend / intend] a tram network to Manchester airport. The airport link [factually / actually] opened in 2014.

Government critics were dumbfounded and [dismal / dismayed] at the scrapping of the HS2 rail link. The line was announced with great [funfair / fanfare] by the Conservative government in 2012. HS2 was a major component [in / on] efforts to "level up" [the / a] north. Abandoning the link is seen as Mr Sunak's latest U-turn on a policy [initiative / initiation] . Just a year ago, he was committed [of / to] the project. Many people say it shows the government's disregard [on / for] the north of England. They [lament / comment] railway lines in the north being "Victorian" – over a century old. The High Speed Rail Group said: "[Every / All] other major European country has managed to build a high-speed rail network, recognizing it's a [vitality / vital] part of a modern society and economy."

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