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The Beatles have the last song they recorded. The song is "Now and Then". It was by John Lennon in 1977. He it at the piano and recorded it in 1979 at his home. The other Beatles to the track over the years. Recording engineers used AI technology to the song to life, resulting in a sound like the four Beatles it together in a studio. The song has been as a double-A side single. The flip side of the record is a new mix of the band's first single "Love Me Do". This was first released in 1962. "Now and Then" will also the final track on a new edition of the Beatles' legendary greatest hits "blue" album. This a collection of their classics from 1967-1970.

Beatles member Paul McCartney to reporters about the new song. He said: "It's quite emotional. And we all on it. It's a genuine Beatles recording." He about his excitement at able to release a new song, saying: "In 2023, to still working on Beatles music, and to release a new song the public haven't , I think it's an exciting thing." McCartney was also excited about hearing John Lennon's voice. He said it "crystal clear". Lennon was dead by a fan outside his New York home in 1980. Beatles drummer Ringo Starr said recording the song was, "the closest we'll ever to having [John Lennon] back in the room". He said it , "very emotional for all of us".

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