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It has been officially declared that peach fuzz is the colour of the year for 2024. Pantone, the world's authority on colour, has selected peach fuzz as the hue that will provide people maximum comfort in 2024. Pantone is the go-to source for information and advice on colour schemes. It has named a colour of the year since 2000. The deliberation panel for the upcoming year's shade stated that: "Peach fuzz brings belonging, and inspires recalibration and an opportunity for nurturing." It added that in peach fuzz, "we can find peace from within; impacting our wellbeing". Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Colour Institute, said the colour's "cosy sensibility brings people together and enriches the soul".

The Pantone Matching System is an industry standard for all things colour. In 2024, it is likely that industries from graphic design, to fashion, to tech will incorporate peach fuzz into their products, marketing and advertising. The company website states: "Pantone provides a universal language of colour that enables colour-critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers." It adds: "Pantone's colour language supports all colour-conscious industries; textiles, apparel, beauty, interiors, architectural and industrial design, encompassing over 10,000 colour standards across multiple materials including printing, textiles, plastics, pigments, and coatings."



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