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One of the most [commonly / common] New Year resolutions is to lose weight. Weight loss could be a more [achievement / achievable] prospect in 2024 because of recently-approved injectable drugs that have [proof / proven] to be particularly effective in helping people [shed / shod] the kilos (or pounds). They belong to a class of [medicinal / medications] called GLP-1. The most well known of [them / these] are Wegovy and Ozempic. The drugs.com website reported that [in / on] extensive studies of patients using Wegovy, 83 per cent of participants lost 5 per cent or more [of / by] their weight compared to 31 per cent of those [taking / taken] a placebo. A cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic said obesity drugs "are here to stay" and that "more and more of these drugs are coming to the [bazaar / market] ".

The [significance / significant] of the new remedies has been highlighted by industry [experts / expats] . The prestigious journal "Science" declared the family of weight-loss drugs to be medicine's "breakthrough of the year" [to / for] 2023. This year could prove to be even [well / better] for overweight people, and for those who [find / search] exercising difficult. A new drug called Zepbound has been approved. In clinical [trails / trials] , people taking this lost an average of 20-25 per cent of their weight. Obesity [specialism / specialist] , doctor Juliana Simonetti, said the new drugs were "[amazed / amazing] , since they address the underlying physiological cause [on / of] weight regain". She added: "I've been working in this field over the last decade, and the results are very [impassive / impressive] ."

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