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When we think of Valentine's Day, we think of romance. Images of red roses, pink hearts and candlelit dinners come to our minds. We rarely envisage breaking up with our partner. However, restaurant chain Pizza Hut is selling a Valentine's pizza for those who want to ditch their better half. Pizza Hut is selling "Hot Honey Goodbye Pies" in New York, Chicago and Miami. Pizza Hut will write the name of your soon-to-be ex on the box of the pizza. For those who live elsewhere, Pizza Hut has an online service to aid the break-up. Customers can go to the website to send a break-up message, along with a link for the "future-ex" to receive a complimentary pizza to help them get over being dumped.

Pizza Hut's goodbye pie pizzas are a blend of sweet and spicy flavours. The company's chief marketing officer said: "With the launch of Goodbye Pies, we are bringing that perfect blend of sweet and heat…to real life. We are delivering spicy news in the sweetest way for Valentine's Day." The company's website said: "Break-ups are awkward. We can help. Send a free…Goodbye Pie from now through Valentine's Day, and the delivery driver will deliver the bad news in the best way." It added: "We'll generate an expertly crafted, carefully curated, and potentially plausible break-up excuse for you." A YouGov poll stated that 45 per cent of people believe it is best to end a relationship before February 14.



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