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The "short back and sides" haircut is [ubiquity / ubiquitous] among soldiers, sailors, and airmen and women in armies, navies and [hair / air] forces worldwide. The Japanese Defence Ministry has just [announced / announcing] it will relax rules for new recruits to have this crewcut [stylish / style] . This in a [bid / bade] to attract more young people to its [ranks / rank] . Many companies in Japan are experiencing staff shortages; and the military is no [exception / expectation] . From April this year, new enlistees to Japan's Self Defence Forces (SDF) will be allowed to have [lengthy / longer] hair. Men will be able to sport longer hair on top, while female [personal / personnel] can have long hair, provided it does not interfere with the [wearing / wear] of a helmet or does not fall below the shoulders.

According to the Kyodo news agency, recruitment [expats / experts] met last month to discuss how troop numbers could be [boasted / boosted] . Japan's defence forces are [up / down] against an ever-dwindling number of young people to recruit [for / from] . In addition, they have to compete with businesses who are more aggressively trying to [lure / cure] new employees. Japan's Defence Minister said: "As our nation faces a [serious / seriously] workforce shortage, we recognize competition with [another / others] , including the private [factor / sector] , to secure talent has been intensifying." He added that the easing of haircut rules would "change or eliminate regulations that [slack / lack] rationality". In a related move, the ministry is considering [allowance / allowing] people with tattoos to join the SDF.

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