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A new study has suggested that higher levels of "forever chemicals" may exist in seafood. Forever chemicals are man-made toxins that do not break down. They can stay in human blood and lead to a variety of health issues. These include cancer, kidney and liver problems, hormonal changes, and damage to the development of babies in the womb. Researchers from Dartmouth College in the USA said there should be safety guidelines for forever chemicals in seafood. They say that the level of these toxins is highest in marine creatures like shrimp, prawns and lobster. This could mean people who love sushi, sashimi and prawn cocktails may have to rethink their diet and eat a little less seafood.

Forever chemicals were developed in the 1930s. Since the 1950s, they have been used to make many products. They are commonly found in food packaging. Most of our food wrappers, take out containers, pizza boxes and other food holders contain the chemicals. Over the decades, these chemicals have entered our food chain. Researchers said they were in higher levels in seafood. Professor Megan Romano said she wanted people to continue to enjoy seafood, but to be aware of the risks. She said: "Our recommendation isn't to not eat seafood. Seafood is a great source of lean protein and omega fatty acids." She added it was important for people to understand more about what is in the food we eat.



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