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The words
The Italian city [off / of] Milan wants to introduce a law to ban the [sells / sale] of takeaway food after midnight. The [reasons / reason] for this is to help local residents sleep. Many people have complained [to / on] the local government about the noise on the streets [in / at] night. There are often large and noisy groups of late-night revellers in downtown Milan. Local officials have decided to ban [whole / all] takeaway food and drink in 12 districts of the city. Some of [them / these] areas are well known for their "wild" nightlife. The takeaway ban means people would not be [able / ability] to buy pizza or ice cream after 12:30 a.m. on weekdays and after 1:30 a.m. at weekends and [on / in] public holidays. It would come into [affect / effect] from mid-May and last until November.

Milan's deputy mayor explained [what / why] the ban was important. He said: "The goal is to [seek / peek] a balance between socialising and entertainment, and the [peace / piece] and tranquillity of residents." However, there are [additional / also] many people who [oppose / opposite] the ban. A spokesperson for an Italian retail association said the ban on post-midnight food and drink would not stop the [noisy / noise] . He said: "A rule banning people from drinking a bottle of water or eating an ice cream or pizza while taking a [troll / stroll] …won't solve a thing, [was / as] people will still stay outside." He asked: "Do you think a 25-year-old is going to go home at the stroke of midnight simply [because / however] they can't get a takeout?" He added: "What about [tourism / tourists] who want to eat ice cream?"

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