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A 22-year-old has been [erected / elected] as a Member of Parliament (MP) in the UK's general election on Thursday. Sam Carling won the [seat / chair] for North West Cambridgeshire by the slimmest of [majority / majorities] . Mr Carling, from the Labour Party, narrowly beat the [incumbent / incubator] Conservative Party candidate by 39 votes. He will now sit [in / on] Parliament in Westminster and [prevent / represent] the interests and concerns of the people in his Cambridge seat. At Westminster, he will be called the "baby of the House". This is the unofficial [entitled / title] given to the youngest MP. Carling, a science graduate from Cambridge University, called his [vitriol / victory] a "political earthquake". He hopes his achievement will [spur / spar] on young people to enter politics, and "tackle [apathy / empathy] ".

Mr Carling said his interest [in / on] politics was [sparked / sparkled] by the social and economic decline he saw in the UK. He grew up in what he described as "a very deprived [arena / area] " in the north of England. This is an area the Conservative Party had [promised / premised] to "level up" and turn into a "northern powerhouse". However, these [lefty / lofty] promises went unkept. Carling said: "I saw a lot of things getting worse around me. I was [cornered / concerned] about shops closing on local [low / high] streets that used to be a thriving [hub / hob] and are basically now a wasteland." He hopes the newly-elected Labour Party will [redo / undo] 14 years of Conservative misrule, scandal, sleaze and corruption. Britain's public services are in chaos and people are worse [on / off] than they were 14 years ago.

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