100 Questions For Halloween

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  1. Do you celebrate Halloween?
  2. Do you think all countries should celebrate Halloween?
  3. Do you think it's dangerous for children to go trick-or-treating?
  4. Why don't Christians celebrate Halloween?
  5. What do you think is the best costume for Halloween?
  6. Do you think Halloween was better a few decades ago or is it better now?
  7. How old is too old to go trick-or-treating?
  8. Do you think Halloween is scary?
  9. What would an alien think of humans if it came to Earth and saw Halloween?
  10. What do you think the black and orange colors of Halloween mean?
  11. What do you think about Halloween?
  12. What do you know about the history of Halloween?
  13. How does Halloween affect American culture?
  14. What do pumpkins have to do with Halloween?
  15. Why do people trick-or-treat on Halloween?
  16. Do you think it's dangerous these days to open your door to a trick-or-treater?
  17. How did Halloween get its name?
  18. What's the best Halloween movie you've seen?
  19. What are the best Halloween games?
  20. What is the best Halloween food?
  21. Why couldn't carved pumpkins be used for Halloween in Ireland in the 14th century?
  22. What is your preferred method for eating candy corn?
  23. How would a person inspect the candy a hold brings home from trick or treating to be reasonably assured it is safe for consumption?
  24. Candy, toothbrushes, or pencils: which one is the best choice to hand put at Halloween?
  25. If you were to visit a haunted attraction in Halloween, where would it be and why?
  26. Has anyone ever played  pranks on you? If yes, How did you react?
  27. If you were to add another symbol to Halloween, what would it be?
  28. If you owned a Halloween costume shop, which costumes would you sell?
  29. What would happen according to a 19th century belief, if unmarried women sat in a darkened room and gazed into a mirror on a Halloween night?
  30. Which is the strangest Halloween costume you have ever seen?
  31. Where do you usually buy your Halloween costumes?
  32. What wouldn't you like to get on a trick-or-treat?
  33. What do you think of religious schools who ban Halloween? (happens at mine)
  34. What vegetable was originally used for jack-o'-lanterns? The answer: turnips.
  35. A hair-splitting question. What is wrong with a jack-o-lantern?
  36. Which Halloween activity: 'trick or treat' vs 'guising' has any real cultural significance?
  37. Have you ever eaten pumpkin? Did you like it? Why (not)?
  38. How do you say Halloween in your language?
  39. Where in the world do people have picnics by the graves of relatives?
  40. Where in the world do people light a fire and place chairs for deceased people around it?
  41. Where in the world do people put knives away before going to bed so that the spirits of the dead don't get hurt?
  42. Where in the world do people celebrate a festival similar to Halloween in August?
  43. Where in the world do people eat a type of pastry called Bones of the Holy?
  44. What is the trick of trick-or-treat?
  45. Do you decorate your house for Hallowe'en?
  46. Have you seen a Halloween movie?
  47. If so, which one?
  48. What kind of movie is it?
  49. What's the plot of the movie?
  50. Did you enjoy it?
  51. What is your favourite Halloween party food?
  52. When do Halloween items come out in the shops in your country?
  53. Can you describe your ideal Halloween party?
  54. Can you think of a word connected to HALLOWEEN using each of the letters in order? (Eg Hallow, Apple, Lantern, L…, . Orange, Witch, E……, E…., N………)
  55. What do you know about this spelling - Hallowe'en?
  56. Are local traditions changing because of globalisation? Do you see this as a positive or negative thing?
  57. What can you do with a carved pumpkin after Halloween?
  58. What do you think people do on November 1 in Lithuania?
  59. Have you ever been in a haunted house e.g. at a party or at an amusement park?
  60. Have you ever bobbed for apples?
  61. Do you believe in ghosts?
  62. What was the best costume you ever made?
  63. Do you prefer homemade or store-bought costumes?
  64. How do Hallowe'en and harvest celebrations overlap?
  65. Do you prefer friendly or scary pumpkins?
  66. Do you prefer the face paint and make-up or the costumes best?
  67. Is Halloween like Christmas in the sense that it is now celebrated in countries where it did not originate?
  68. How do you feel about the word 'celebrate' being applied to Halloween?
  69. What word can we use instead of 'celebrate' to mean 'I do/don't celebrate Halloween'?
  70. Do you believe in ghosts?
  71. Would you walk around your town at night on your own on Halloween?
  72. Do / Would you always open your door to trick or treaters?
  73. What would you do if a trick or treater got nasty?
  74. What do you think of the idea of "Happy Halloween" cards to send to people?
  75. What's the best Halloween activity?
  76. What's the most scared you've ever been?
  77. Who would you like to haunt and why?
  78. Should Halloween costumes only be about scary things, or can they be any kind of costume?
  79. What do you think of the idea of "trick or treat or money for a charity" as a way of making Halloween more useful?
  80. What's the best song for Halloween?
  81. Is it a spooky coincidence that the world's 7-billionth person will be born on Halloween?
  82. Why pumpkins?
  83. Do you save the seeds from the pumpkin to eat or to plant?
  84. Do you bake pumpkin seeds in the oven?
  85. Do you use spicy or sweet seasonings with pumkin seeds?
  86. Trick of treat?
  87. Halloween is a great tradition in Scotland. What is the Scottish link to Halloween?
  88. What fruit is in season in Europe at Halloween and therefore commonly used to fill the looty bags of the revellers?
  89. Some countries like Spain do not traditionally celebrate Halloween. However, it is becoming a very popular "imported" celebration. Why do you think Halloween is so popular?
  90. What must everyone know about Halloween?
  91. What is the story behind the legend of Jack-o-lantern and where did it get its name?
  92. Is Halloween celebrated on the same date all over the world?
  93. When did Halloween start to be celebrated?
  94. What is the connection between Salem and Halloween?
  95. Should Halloween be a national public holiday?
  96. Are witches around nowadays?
  97. Which famous person would you like to go trick-or-treating with, and why?
  98. Ghost hunting programmes on TV - Are they real or fake?
  99. Should Halloween be "celebrated" only on Friday or Saturday, and not the 31st of October?
  100. What would you do if you saw a ghost?

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