Valentine's Day - February 14th

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Warm Ups

Talk in pairs / groups about love / cupid / Valentine’s Day / romance / roses / chocolate / heart.

With a partner spend five minutes planning THE ultimate romantic Valentine’s date, either for a woman, or for a man. Change partners and explain the details of your date to your new partner. With your new partner, decide on the best parts of your two plans to make a new, even more romantic date. Repeat with another partner, and perhaps another. Return to your original partner and compare how your date is now different from the original.

Choose the best three and worst three of these Valentines presents and tell your partner. Explain why they are the best and worst:

- heart-shaped Belgian chocolates
- Chanel #5 (for women and men)
- 12 red roses
- a single red rose
- your sweetheart singing a love song beneath your bedroom window in the moonlight
- sexy underwear
- a cute pink teddy bear
- a heart-shaped cake made by your loved one
- a gold necklace with small hearts on it
- a special poem written by your partner
- a weekend trip for two to Paris
- a romantic candlelit dinner at a French restaurant
- a special massage
- a bottle of champagne
- money (lots of cash) in a perfumed pink envelope

Look at the following collocates of the word ‘love’. Choose 5 and write down one question for each word. Circulate around the class asking other students your questions. Write down the new ‘love words’ you meet as you meet new conversation partners:

puppy ~          deep ~          true ~          head over heels in ~          ~ at first sight          fall in ~          madly in ~          burning ~          everlasting ~          obsessive ~          secret ~          my ~          blind ~          platonic ~          make ~         

These are all symbols of love in America, Britain, Australia etc. Are they good symbols of love or strange? Talk about each one, and then talk about the symbols of love in your own culture / country:

- red roses
- Valentine cards
- Not signing your name on a Valentine’s card, instead pacing a kiss mark – ‘X’
- lace
- Cupid
- love birds
- perfume
- lingerie
- a red heart

100 Questions For My Valentine

  1. Do you love me?
  2. Why do you love me?
  3. How much do you love me?
  4. Exactly how long have you loved me?
  5. When did you first start loving me?
  6. What do you love most about me?
  7. Is there anything about me you don’t love?
  8. What do I have to do to make you love me more?
  9. How much time do you spend thinking about me each day?
  10. Do you love me more than any previous lover?
  11. What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?
  12. What will you buy me for my birthday?
  13. Did you fall in love with me at first sight?
  14. If you cooked me a special meal, what would it be?
  15. What do you think of my hairstyle?
  16. What question would you really like to ask me but are too afraid?
  17. What kind of nickname would you choose for me?
  18. Do you like me at this age, or would you like me to be older / younger?
  19. If I told you I really liked George W. Bush, what would you think?
  20. Will you love me forever?
  21. Will you love me when I’m 64?
  22. What was I wearing when we first met?
  23. If I were an animal, what animal would I be?
  24. What is my best feature?
  25. What would you like me to change about myself?
  26. What one word describes me best?
  27. How will you propose to me?
  28. What do you want for my future?
  29. Where would you like our honeymoon to be?
  30. Can you keep our relationship a secret from my husband/wife?
  31. Is it a big problem that I’ve had my sex changed?
  32. Can you buy me a car for my birthday, darling?
  33. Do you get jealous if I talk to another beautiful woman / handsome man?
  34. Will you follow me to the ends of the Earth?
  35. Can you tell me all of your deepest, darkest secrets?
  36. Have you ever lied to me?
  37. Do you like romantic moonlit walks or picnics in the countryside?
  38. Would you prefer a honeymoon on Safari in Kenya or on the beach in Greece?
  39. If I didn’t want to do any housework, what would you say?
  40. Is it OK if my mother comes to live with us?
  41. Do I have bad breath?
  42. Would you give me a second chance if I cheated on you?
  43. Would you like to come food shopping with me every Saturday afternoon?
  44. Is it OK if I go out with my friends three nights a week?
  45. I’m a vegetarian and I can’t eat or cook meat. Is that OK?
  46. Will you tell me all about your previous partners?
  47. Can you make me breakfast in bed every Sunday morning?
  48. Is it OK if we have a joint bank account?
  49. Do you have any bad habits?
  50. What shall we do in our retirement?
  51. Would you have my name tattooed on your arm?
  52. I cry uncontrollably when I watch sad movies. Is that OK?
  53. Will you cut my toenails once a week?
  54. If your best friend makes me cry, what will you do?
  55. If you have to make a choice, say goodbye to your best friend, or me, who would you say goodbye to?
  56. Which colour do you think I look best in?
  57. Would you still love me if I had my nose, eyebrow and tongue pierced?
  58. Who is cuter, Mickey Mouse or Snoopy?
  59. Is it OK if I called you Honey Bunny instead of your given name?
  60. How old were you when you kissed for the first time?
  61. How many children do you want?
  62. What’s your favourite flower?
  63. Do you look at other men and women on the train / bus?
  64. Are you married?
  65. How romantic are you?
  66. What’s your star sign?
  67. Do you believe in fate?
  68. Do you like holding hands in the street and kissing in public?
  69. Do you want a big wedding?
  70. What’s your favourite love song?
  71. Do you want a big wedding?
  72. What’s your favourite romantic movie?
  73. Do you think you are beautiful / handsome?
  74. Which is more important to you, my looks or my heart?
  75. How many people have you broken up with, and how many people have broken up with you?
  76. How many love letters have you written?
  77. Do you think you’re good at kissing?
  78. Is it OK if we go Dutch on dates?
  79. What do you think about getting married in another country?
  80. Will you put my photo on your computer desktop
  81. Do you think about me all day?
  82. If there’s one piece of chocolate cake left, will you give it to me?
  83. What kind of clothes would look good on me?
  84. In an Italian restaurant, would you like us to eat the same piece of spaghetti and kiss in the middle?
  85. Would you still love me if I had bad breath or BO?
  86. What is more important – nice body or intelligence?
  87. Do you have a favorite chat-up line?
  88. If you could date a famous person, who would it be?
  89. What kind of wedding ring do you want?
  90. How would you like me to propose / be proposed to?
  91. Is it OK if you change your family name to mine after we are married?
  92. Where are you ticklish?
  93. What’s your idea of a romantic weekend?
  94. Do you like perfume?
  95. Which do you think are cuter, puppies or kittens?
  96. If it rains, will you give me your umbrella?
  97. If we have to spend time apart, how often will you think of me?
  98. Do I get everything in your will?
  99. How sad would you be if I split up with you today?
  100. Will you marry me?

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