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ESL Cloze Activity on Italy 1 New Zealand 1 by Sean Banville

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Click this link, listen and type in the words in the spaces. Press the "refresh" button on your browser to play again.

Good Luck.
This match just why football is the world’s greatest game. New Zealand, a side with no professional leagues, world champions Italy to a draw. This was a real David v Goliath encounter and New Zealand played with incredible and spirit. Their ‘keeper Mark Paston made a string of world- saves to keep his in it. New Zealand went ahead in the 7th minute when Shane Smelz got in the Italian to slot the ball home. Smelz plays in a league four divisions below England’s Premier League. The Italians when Vincenzo Iaquinta sent the ‘keeper the wrong way from the spot. The second was an adrenaline-filled battle of non-stop Italian and determined New Zealand defending. The Kiwis held on for their greatest ever .


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