Gap Fill - Silk Road - Level 4


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   ambitious      benefit      billions      cooperation      engine      first      freely      heads      investments      meeting      model      natural      peaceful      project      revolution      scale      services      trade      trade      vision  
China has an plan to help global . President Xi said will invest $124 billion to increase along the old Silk Road. He spoke at a of 29 world leaders, and the of the UN, IMF and World Bank. Xi said the would invest of dollars in infrastructure. It would also help to make goods and flow more around the world. He said: "Trade is the important of economic development."

President Xi said increased trade and would make the world more . He said: "We will create a new of cooperation and mutual ." Pakistan's Prime Minister liked President Xi's "". He said the huge of the cooperation, economic partnerships and were a world . He called it, "a geo-economic ". Britain's finance minister said Britain was a " partner" of the project.

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