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2,151 FREE Lessons - February 8th, 2016

Euro politicians told to stop speaking English
8th February - "Harder"
The European Parliament has urged its politicians to stick to their native language instead of using English.

Luxembourg to develop asteroid mining
6th February - "Easier"
The tiny European nation of Luxembourg is not well known as a major player in the space race. However, its government has just made big investments....


Dubai world's busiest international airport
4th January - "Harder"
Dubai International Airport (DXB) has retained its crown of being the world's busiest international airport in terms of passenger numbers.

Zika virus could affect 4 million people
2nd February - "Easier"
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the Zika virus outbreak in Latin America could turn into a global pandemic.


Women do not get enough sleep
30th January - "Harder"
It will come as no surprise to know that a lack of sleep isn't good for us. A new report suggests sleep deprivation can result in long-term health issues.

Bananas in danger of becoming extinct
27th January - "Easier"
There is bad news for banana lovers. The most common banana in the world is in danger of becoming extinct. It is called the Cavendish banana.


Fairy tales could be 6,000 years old
24th January - "Harder"
The famous 19th-century fairy tale collector Wilhelm Grimm suggested fairy tales dated back thousands of years. Scientists now support his theory.

Women have to pay more in shops
21st January - "Easier"
Women have to pay a lot more in stores than men for almost the same things. A new study by The Times newspaper in Britain found...


Up to half of adults suffer from mental illness
18th January - "Harder"
Britain's National Health Service (NHS) suggests that up to half of adults have suffered from some form of mental illness at some stage in their life.







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