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Amazon.com testing drone delivery service






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Amazon is testing a new way to deliver parcels. It wants to use drones. These will deliver to customers in 30 minutes. Small, remote-controlled helicopters, called 'octocopters,' will carry things up to 2.3kg. About 86% of Amazon's parcels are under this weight. 'Octocopters' look like toys. Amazon's boss talked about them on TV. He said they looked like science fiction. He added: "It won't work for everything. We're not going to deliver kayaks…this way."

The new system could start by 2018. The boss said it will be good for the environment and that "it's better than driving trucks around". The U.S. needs to say OK, so Amazon is making sure the 'octocopter' is safe to fly. Bezos joked that the 'octocopters' couldn't "land on somebody's head". Amazon has to find new ways to be the best. Companies can disappear quickly. Other businesses can overtake Amazon, especially if they use technology.

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