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Companies are trying to make their websites safe from a new bug. It is called Heartbleed. It is a hole in software security. Millions of sites use the software. The bug was found last week. Sites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, etc., quickly made a patch for the bug. Many small sites and apps are still at risk. Hackers can access passwords and other secret information. Hackers already got into Canada's tax system and stole 900 passwords.

Experts say millions of Android Jelly Bean users are waiting for a patch. Google has made services such as Search, Gmail, YouTube, etc. safe. It is working to fix Jelly Bean. BlackBerry will release a patch later this week. The man who accidentally made the bug said he was responsible because he wrote the code. He said the mistake got through the review process and got into the released version of the software. He said it was a "simple programming error".

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