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People do crazy things for charity. An English man has just pushed a Brussels sprout with his nose up the highest mountain in Wales. He wanted to raise $8,500 for a cancer charity. The man loves challenges. He has also walked 800 kilometers on stilts. He said he has seen "the amazing work" the cancer charity does for patients and their family. He said: "People’s cancer stories inspire me even more to carry on…my challenges are going to get even more crazy."

Mr Kettell took three days to push the Brussels sprout up the mountain. He wore a special face mask. He practised in his garden. He chose a sprout about the size of a table-tennis ball so it would not fall down cracks. He spent three days with his nose just above the ground. He said there was "a huge amount of pain" in his knees, wrists and back. He was happy because he reached the top and he raised money.

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