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In most countries you have to be 18 to drive a car. Max Verstappen is 16. He just signed for a Formula 1 racing team. He will be the youngest ever F1 driver. He will be 17 in his first Grand Prix. He will race drivers like Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. His debut will be at the Australian Grand Prix. He said: "Ever since I was seven years old, Formula 1 has been my career goal, so this…is truly a dream come true."

The racing team boss was very happy and excited about Max. He thinks Max is "one of the most skilled young drivers of the new generation". He also thinks Max has the "mental strength to take on this challenge successfully". The team will give Max a competitive car to start his Formula 1 career with. Max's father was an F1 driver. He thanked his father for helping him "day and night, year after year".

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