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The coffee company Nespresso has announced ambitious new plans to help make its operations more sustainable. The company is a brand name of the Nestlé group of companies. It makes and sells espresso coffee machines and the single-use containers of coffee needed for the device. Its new initiative on sustainability is called 'The Positive Cup'. This aims to source one of its ranges of coffee through totally sustainable methods, while helping some of the world's poorest coffee farmers. It will invest just over $16 million in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan. A company spokesperson said it, "aims to protect the future of the highest quality coffees and secure the livelihoods of the farmers that grow them".

A main component of the campaign is to recycle all of the aluminium capsules used in the machines. The company will collect the capsules "wherever the company does business" and "increase recycling rates". The company also said it would become "100 per cent carbon neutral" by 2020 by planting trees to compensate for its carbon footprint. CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin said: "Our sustainability approach has always been designed to do more than simply minimise impacts." Hollywood actor George Clooney said: "The investment…in South Sudan's coffee sector, even while the conflict is ongoing, is providing much-needed income for hundreds of farmers and their families living in coffee communities."

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