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There is a new food danger. Criminals are selling fake food to supermarkets. The food could be very dangerous. There are many famous food scandals. In Britain, horse meat was sold as beef. U.K. police also found cheap peanut powder in products. This could harm or kill people with peanut allergies. In China, six babies died after they drank fake milk powder. Gangs make a lot of money from fake food. It is safer than selling drugs. The penalties are lower.

Interpol said food crime is like drugs crime. Criminals sell fake food in a similar way to how drug dealers sell drugs. Police in 33 countries found many problems. A dye in children's candies was poisonous. They found 430,000 litres of fake drinks and 22 tons of cheap rice in bags that said "high-quality basmati rice". The U.K. said food crime was a difficult problem. It said technology might be the answer to beat the criminals.

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