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Do you like your neighbours, or are they stressful? A quarter of British people had problems with their neighbours in the past year. An organization that helps people, called "Which?”, did a survey. It asked 2,062 adults about their neighbours. They found that 27% had problems. "Which?" said half the people felt angry and 42% felt stressed. Around 10% said they felt afraid of their neighbours. Most people didn't know where to get help and advice.

The biggest problems were loud voices and arguing, and loud music and TVs. People also said drugs were a problem. One-third of people talked to the neighbour about a problem. The problem got worse if the neighbour did not apologise or change their bad behaviour. Around 86% of young people did not tell anyone about their problem. The researchers said: "Young people especially are suffering in silence." They said people should keep a diary.

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