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Many people have wondered what Santa does and how he does it for free. Researchers have an answer to these age-old questions. An insurance company has calculated a rough figure of $139,924 for Santa's salary for 2014. This is 1.5 per cent more than last year. It is also in line with low pay raises people around the world are getting. Researchers created a list of the different jobs Santa performs throughout the year and created a job description. They then found the total time spent on each task to get the final figure for Santa's annual salary.

The researchers found that Santa is multi-skilled. He has to be a jack of all trades. His skills include reindeer handling, gift wrapping, chimney cleaning and map reading. Most of his salary comes from managing his toy factory. It is estimated that he spends 2,912 hours a year organizing his elves and making sure toys are of the right quality. He gets $40.09 an hour for this. His highest hourly rate is for being a sleigh pilot and delivering presents. This is similar to the salaries of airline pilots. Researchers believe a sleigh pilot earns $62.31 an hour.

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