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People are angry that the movie industry is run by "old white men". In the Oscar nominations, all 20 of the actors who could win an Oscar are white. There are no women in the directing or writing categories. A survey found that the members of the academy were 94 per cent white, largely male, with an average age of 62. The members decide who gets nominated for an Oscar. Critics say there is too little diversity in the Oscars.

A civil rights campaigner criticised the Academy for being like the Rocky Mountains – "the higher you get, the whiter it gets". He said: "The lack of diversity in [the] Oscar nominations is [terrible]." The movie nominated for this year's 'Best Picture' award is about racism, but no non-white actors are up for an award. The president of the Academy said the members do not look at an actor's colour or gender. She hoped Hollywood would become more diverse.

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