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In the U.K. there will soon be babies that come from the DNA of three different people. British lawmakers voted to allow three-person babies. This will stop a disease passing from a mother to her newborn baby. The first three-person baby could be born as early as next year. There could be 150 a year. The technique will help stop an incurable disease that affects about one in 6,500 children around the world.

The technique combines DNA from the parents and a female donor who does not have the disease. Doctors swap unhealthy DNA in the mother's egg with healthy DNA from the donor. About 0.1 per cent of the baby's DNA will be from the donor. Doctors say this is "light at the end of a dark tunnel" for many families. Britain's leader said parents who want a healthy baby could now have one. Critics say this is bad and could lead to "designer babies".

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