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A temple built and named to honour India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to be renamed. Supporters of India's leader hoped to inaugurate the temple on Sunday in Mr Modi's home state, but they have had to abandon the idea. Mr Modi is opposed to it. He said he was horrified by the idea of a temple in his name. His supporters already unveiled a statue of Modi, which shows him sitting under the symbol of his political party. Modi tweeted: "I was appalled. This is shocking and against India's great traditions. Building such temples is not what our culture teaches us."

Discussions are now going on over what to do with the temple and statue. Some suggest replacing the statue with the figure of a Hindu god. Others think the statue should stay in honour of Mr Modi. Paresh Rawal, who donated the land for the temple, said: "We love Modi and worship him because he is the finest leader we have ever had." Another supporter told the AFP news agency: "We believe he is an incarnation of God as after he became chief minister…things changed for the better." Modi said people should use their time and resources in working towards a cleaner India.

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