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The BBC suspended one of its big stars, Jeremy Clarkson. People say he hit a producer. Mr Clarkson, 54, presents the popular Top Gear show. He argued with the producer because there was no food after filming one of the shows. The BBC suspended Clarkson and said they would not show the next two programmes. Clarkson is very popular worldwide. Over 400,000 people signed an online petition. They want the BBC to keep Clarkson on the show.

A Top Gear co-presenter said this news is not so serious. He said it was just a small fight. Mr Clarkson joked with reporters from his car. They asked him where he was going. He said, "the job centre". Clarkson retweeted a message to his 4.5 million Twitter followers. It asked the BBC to show the next Top Gear shows. It said fans should see them. More than 350 million people in 200 countries watch the show. Clarkson made people angry before over racist comments.

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