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Airlines are changing their rules so that two pilots are always in the cockpit. This comes following the Germanwings crash in France in that killed 150 people. The quick response from airlines is because the co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose. He locked the pilot out of the cockpit and steered the plane into a mountain. A British airline said there will now be two pilots in the cockpit on every flight. Cabin crew will also regularly enter the cockpit to check on the pilots.

Airlines may also check the mental health of pilots more. This is because the Germanwings co-pilot may have been depressed. He had a history of depression. His boss said he took several months off work and then had to retrain, but he was "100 per cent fit to fly". During the final moments of Flight 9525, he locked the pilot out of the cockpit. There was "absolute silence" in the cockpit as the co-pilot directed the plane into the mountain.

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