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High-heel shoes are popular with many women. A study shows that wearing them for a long time can damage the body. A team of researchers did tests on the knees of women who wore flat shoes, shoes with 3.8-cm heels and shoes with 8.9-cm heels. Women who wore high heels risked permanent damage to their knees. High heels put knees in a bent shape that makes them like aged or damaged joints. This increases the risk of surgery.

A survey of 1,200 women shows how popular high heels are. It said 93 per cent of women feel sexier in heels, 88 per cent thought they were stylish and 77 per cent said heels made them feel slimmer. Many women ignore health warnings, pain and discomfort to wear heels and look and feel good. A British doctor said heels put the feet at a strange angle. This increases pressure on the knees by 25 per cent, which puts stress on the kneecaps.

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