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A U.K. survey shows that one in seven drivers has been in danger because of risky overtaking. A road safety charity surveyed 1,000 drivers. It found that 80 per cent of drivers have felt scared by overtaking, while 94 per cent said they have seen dangerous overtaking. Young men are the most dangerous. Nearly 40 per cent of 17-24-year-old men said they overtake when they are not sure the road ahead is clear. Just 15 per cent of women do this.

The charity found country roads are most dangerous. Drivers are twice as likely to die on these than in towns. Many deaths are preventable. The charity asked drivers to stop overtaking on country roads. It said: "Why risk it and rush? You could cause a devastating, high-speed, head-on crash that ends lives." It said a "significant minority" of aggressive and selfish drivers still overtake, and that "cool-headed and responsible drivers" do not.

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