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Time-out from Eurozone possible for Greece






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Greece's future in the Eurozone is still not clear. It has to pay back huge loans to European countries. Greeks are tired of austerity measures caused by the loans. They voted in a referendum and over 60 per cent rejected a bailout idea. They thought it would make their living conditions worse. The latest idea is a temporary Greek exit, also called a time-out, from the Eurozone. This could happen if Greece does not agree to a bailout.

Greeks want a return to a normal life. Banks have been closed for two weeks. There is a €60 daily limit on cash machines. People are worried about their savings and their financial future. European leaders are more hopeful. France's President rejected any idea of a temporary exit for Greece. Greece's leader also thought a solution would be found, "if all parties want it". Germany's leader was less hopeful. She said trust and reliability had been lost.

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