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A British man can see again because of a new bionic eye. Ray Flynn, 80, is the first patient in the world to get the new eye. He has one of the most common eyesight problems in the world. It is called AMD. Doctors told him about it eight years ago. His sight became worse and worse. He could only see out of the corners of his eyes. Everything in the centre was blurred. He said that looking at simple things made his eyes tired.

Mr Flynn's bionic eye cost $125,000. Britain's health service hopes it will be cheaper so more people can get one. The operation lasted four hours. Doctors said it was a success. Flynn can now read a newspaper and look at flowers for the first time in many years. His doctor said: "Mr Flynn…is seeing the outline of people and objects very [well]." The doctor hopes scientists can help people who have been blind from birth.

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