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U.S. President Barack Obama has made a new plan to fight climate change. It is called the Clean Power Plan. He said it was a project to protect America's economy and health. The president wants to cut the amount of electricity provided by power plants that use coal. He wants a greater use of renewable energies. He wants power plants to cut their carbon emissions by 32 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. Obama told journalists that: "This is our moment to get this right and leave something better for our kids." He said: "If we don't get climate change right, we may not be able to reverse it."

President Obama said the Clean Power Plan would be good for the nation's health. It will stop 3,600 premature deaths and 1,700 heart attacks each year. There will be 300,000 fewer missed work and school days because of sickness. America could save up to $34 billion a year on its health budget. Not everyone thinks the plan is a good idea. Jeb Bush said it would, "throw countless people out of work, and increase everyone's energy prices". Another opponent, Governor Scott Walker, agreed. He said: "It will cost hard-working Americans jobs and raise their energy rates."

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