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A new Brad Pitt movie is in the headlines for scaring farm animals. The movie is called 'The Lost City of Z'. It is about a British soldier who disappeared in the Brazilian jungle in 1925 with his son. They were looking for a lost city called Z. Film makers wanted to make explosions and loud noises as special effects. However, farmers in the nearby town said the loud bangs frightened their animals. Mr Pitt is not acting in the film. He is the movie's producer.

Local people said the explosions slowly became louder. They said it sounded like a war. The noise shook windows. One farmer said his animals were "terrified". He said: "The dog was shivering under a chair….Another neighbour’s cow and calf jumped the hedge and the cows were crying in fear." Mr Pitt might do something special for the people. He loves animals. He might be sad if he knows the animals were scared because of his film.

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