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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has warned that climate change is threatening the snow leopard. It says rising temperatures are reducing the animals' natural habitat to the point where they could become extinct. Up to a third of the areas where the leopards live could become uninhabitable. The WWF said: "The Himalayas region will face a major crisis if we choose to ignore climate change…We risk losing…species such as the snow leopard."

Humans are also a big threat to the snow leopard. The big cats are hunted for their fur and body parts. Many poachers are joining this profitable, illegal trade. Farmers also kill the leopards. The natural prey of the snow leopards is decreasing, so the animals are going onto farms and killing farm animals. The result is the farmers shoot the leopards. The WWF released its report on Friday. This was the first ever International Snow Leopard Day.

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