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This is the text (if you need help).

A report from the WHO says processed meat causes cancer. Processed meat includes bacon, hot dogs, ham and sausages. It also includes canned meat and meat sauces. It said the world should know about the dangers. Many people eat processed meat and get cancer. Just 50g of processed meat a day can increase the chance of getting cancer by 18 per cent. That's just two slices of bacon or one sausage. Eating red meat also carried a risk.

The WHO warned people about processed and red meat, but said meat had health benefits. It has many important vitamins. It said people should eat less processed meat and more fruit and vegetables. This gives people a balanced diet. The meat industry is not happy. It does not like the fact that the report put processed meat is in the same group as tobacco and alcohol. Processed meat is not as harmful as these. It said the report will scare people.

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