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A new report warns that people could be in danger from superbugs if they eat rare and undercooked meat. The report is called the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance. Researchers looked into how antibiotics in food are making bugs stronger. The report said the use of antibiotics in agriculture is making bugs stronger and more resistant to our medicines. The researchers said the huge amount of antibiotics in farming could be dangerous to people's health around the world. They suggested that farmers reduce the amount of antibiotics they give to their animals. The leader of the research, Jim O'Neill, said this was important if we wanted to make sure that our life-saving medicines still work effectively.

The researchers are calling for strict targets to reduce the number of antibiotics given to farm animals. Mr O'Neill said this was necessary because of the huge amount of antibiotics farmers give their animals. He said: "I find it [unbelievable] that in many countries, most of the consumption of antibiotics is in animals, rather than humans. This creates a big risk for everyone." He added that the public could get ill from superbugs if they ate meat that was rare or undercooked. He said: "My advice to consumers is that they have to make sure they cook meat properly. If you are going to choose to cook it as rare as possible you have to be aware of where it's coming from."

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