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Do you ever wonder why you are so hungry if you do not sleep well? Researchers at the University of Chicago may have an answer. They showed that not enough sleep makes people hungrier the next day. Sleeplessness releases chemicals that increase the pleasure of eating. This makes us eat more. People who lack sleep want high-calorie snacks more than healthier foods. People who do not sleep enough eat up to twice as much fatty food.

Researchers created two different situations with 14 volunteers. In one, the volunteers averaged 7.5 hours of sleep. In the other, they averaged just 4.2 hours of sleep. Volunteers in the first situation ate three meals a day. However, in the second situation, they could not say no to tasty snacks. This happened just 90 minutes after they had eaten a meal that gave them 90 per cent of the calories they needed for that day.

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