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A photo of a mummy found in Mongolia has gone viral because it seems to have Adidas boots. People tweeted that the mummy shows that time travel is real. The mummy was found in a remote part of Mongolia. It is around 1,500 years old. The boots look like a pair of snowboarding boots made by the company Adidas. They have the same three stripes that Adidas is famous for. People say the mummy is a modern human who travelled back in time.

Farmers found the mummy's grave in 2010. Last year, archaeologists started digging. The site had many important things. It had saddles, clay vases, wooden bowls, and kettles. The site was the first complete Turkic burial ground found in Central Asia. Turkic people have been in the region for 2,600 years. They had their own language. The colour blue was very important to them. The word 'turquoise' may come from the word 'Turkish'.

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