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develop help give spend link know deliver overspend offer do
be like get see be stop add suffer stick look
A British firm has a new product to us save money. The product is a wristband that us an electric shock if we too much money. The wristband is called Pavlok. It is to our bank account. It how much money we have in the bank. If we go shopping and there is not enough money in our bank account, the wristband a 255-volt electric shock to our wrist. This warns us not to . The company is called Intelligent Environments. It wants to work with banks to help customers with their money. So far, no banks in Britain have said they would the Pavlok to their customers. They could start this in the future.

The Pavlok wristband part of the Internet of Things. This is the idea that everything in our life will be connected to the Internet. The CEO of Intelligent Environments, David Webber, said people the idea of the Pavlok. Shoppers would rather a small electric shock in the store from the wristband than get a big shock later when they their credit card bill. Mr Webber said the Pavlok would great for people who cannot spending because they have no willpower or their willpower is weak. He that many young people from the "ostrich effect". This is when people their heads in the sand and buy things rather than at how much money they have in their bank.

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