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Researchers have discovered there could be a good reason why women spend so long the morning getting ready work – they get paid more if they wear makeup and do their hair. Sociologists Jaclyn Wong and Andrew Penner concluded that attractive people get paid 20 per cent more than what they called "average" people. They found that both physically attractive men and women tended to earn more than average-looking employees. They added that the more a woman cared her looks, the more attractive she appeared. Ms Wong said: "For men, only half the effect of attractiveness is due grooming….I think that we more readily judge women, and so presentation becomes important them."

The study was conducted the universities Chicago and California. It will be published the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility. The researchers analysed data 14,000 participants who were questioned their salary, job, education, personality, social behaviour and other characteristics. The interviewers were also asked to rate each participant how attractive and well groomed they were. Researchers said people were biased when it comes to beauty because a 'halo effect'. People think someone who is attractive the outside will also be beautiful the inside. The researchers noted that the idea that humans are influenced beauty bias is not new.

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