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Researchers have [discovered / discovery] there could be a good reason why women spend so long in the morning getting [already / ready] for work – they get paid more if they wear makeup and [do / doing] their hair. Sociologists Jaclyn Wong and Andrew Penner [conclusion / concluded] that attractive people get [paid / payment] around 20 per cent more than what they called "average" people. They found that both [physical / physically] attractive men and women tended to [earn / earning] than average-looking employees. They added that the more a woman [cared / careful] about her looks, the more attractive she appeared. Ms Wong said: "For men, only about [halve / half] of the effect of attractiveness is due to grooming….I think that we more readily judge women, and so presentation becomes [important / importance] to them."

The study was [conducted / conducting] by the universities of Chicago and California. It will be [published / publishing] in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility. The researchers analysed [strata / data] from 14,000 participants who were [questioning / questioned] about their salary, job, education, personality, [social / socially] behaviour and other characteristics. The interviewers were [also / addition] asked to rate each participant on [what / how] attractive and well-groomed they were. Researchers said people were [based / biased] when it comes to beauty because of a 'halo effect'. People think someone who is attractive [in / on] the outside will also be beautiful on the inside. The researchers noted that the idea that humans are influenced by beauty [bias / basis] is not new.

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