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   200kg      angry      boy      cage      crowd      death      eyes      him      killing      parent      petition      quick      responsible      safety      son      too      upset      water      worried      zoo  
U.S. police are looking into the of a 17-year-old gorilla at a . Zookeepers shot Harambe the gorilla after a four-year-old boy fell into his . Video shows the gorilla dragging the boy through for ten minutes. Zoo visitors were about the boy's . Others said the gorilla was protecting . They said Harambe was by the of people looking at him. Zookeepers shot Harambe as they were worried about the .

Animal rights groups are that the gorilla was killed. They say zookeepers should have made Harambe sleep. Zookeepers said it takes long to make a gorilla sleep. Over 300,000 people signed an online saying the boy's mother and the zoo are for Harambe's . People think the mother should have looked after her better. The mother said: "We are to judge how a could take their off their child."

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