Word Pairs


  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
  • Click the button at the bottom to check your answers.
  • Press the "refresh" button on your browser to play again.

The website Breaking News English.com has [upgrades / upgraded] its pages to be easier to use on mobile phones and tablets. This improvement means students and teachers who [wishing / wish] to browse the lessons, read the news [articles / particles] or do the activities on their mobile devices can now do [so / soon] with [ease / easily] . The Internet has changed beyond [recognition / recognise] since it started a few decades ago. Being online today is [worlds / world] apart from the worldwide web of 20 years ago. Back then, web pages simply consisted of text and took an [ages / age] to load. People could only view them on [baulk / bulky] desktop computers. Today, we have movies, music, games, GPS and a whole [plethora / plectrum] of apps on our mobile phones.

The owner of Breaking News English [commiseration / commissioned] the website developer markbaindesign.com to make the site mobile [friends / friendly] . Designer Mark Bain has created many [eye-catching / ear-bashing] sites for some of the world's leading educators. Mr Bain summed [down / up] his thoughts on today's online world by saying: "Expectations about what can be done on a phone are [rising / arisen] every day." His work on Breaking News English is already [popularity / popular] . Saeed from Kuwait said: "I'm [extremity / extremely] happy with the new look. It is now much easier to get to [grips / grasp] with the activities." Another student, Rosa from Bolivia, said she could now [interact / counteract] with the news articles and exercises during her daily [commit / commute] to work.

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