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   about      by      down      for      for      for      for      for      from      from      in      in      in      in      of      of      on      to      with  
People in Britain will soon vote whether or not to stay or leave the European Union (EU). Newspapers have called it 'Brexit', which means Britain's, or British, exit. It is one the biggest issues Europe decades. British people have very strong feelings leaving and staying in the EU. A group of scientists has come together support of staying in Europe. All the 13 scientists are Nobel Prize winners. The group says leaving the EU would be a "key risk" to British science. A spokesman explained how important it was science that Britain remained in Europe. He said: "Inside the EU, Britain helps steer the biggest scientific powerhouse the world."

Another top British scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking, said Brexit would be, "a disaster UK science". Many other scientists agree, saying Britain would receive less money the EU research. They add that British scientists could no longer work as often or as closely colleagues in European countries. Professor Hawking said many young European scientists come Britain to work. He said this could slow after a Brexit. However, many other scientists say Brexit would be better British science. The campaign group Scientists For Britain says that the UK would not suffer financially Brexit. It says the top two countries funded an 80-billion-euro EU science programme are not EU members.

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