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take make communicate combine form be describe make suggest exist
present hear mean receive decipher decode reach contain stop keep
Scientists say it could at least 1,500 years before humans contact with species of aliens, or for them to with or find us. Astronomers from Cornell University in the USA two existing theories about the possibility of life existing on other planets to a new equation. One of these theories the Fermi Paradox by physicist Enrico Fermi in 1950. This states that while billions of Earth-like planets exist in our galaxy, not one has contact with Earth yet. The other is the mediocrity principle, which that because there is life on Earth, it will typically on Earth-like planets throughout the universe.

Study author Evan Solomonides will soon a research paper on his theory. He said: "We haven't from aliens yet, as space is a big place, but that doesn't no one is out there." According to Solomonides, extraterrestrials could have signals from Earth. However, he proposes that ET would not have been able to them. He said they would need to the light waves into sounds and analyse 3,000 human languages to understand any messages. He said that signals from Earth have only about 8,500 stars and that the Milky Way galaxy alone 200 billion stars. He added: "If we listening or looking, we may miss the signals, so we should looking."

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