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   breaking      campaign      certain      citizens      desire      earthquake      fall      fresh      immediately      independence      lead      leader      level      magnitude      referendum      shock      turn      union      upheaval      what  
The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union in is being seen as a political . Just over 52 per cent of Britons expressed their to exit the EU in a on Thursday. Currency markets were affected as the British pound fell to its lowest against the dollar since 1985. Britain's decision to leave has caused political . Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU and so politicians in both countries are now contemplating from the UK. Right-wing politicians in Europe congratulated the UK for leaving. One said: "It is Great Britain's day. The people were asked, and they decided. The European Union as a political has failed."

The of the result was summed up by Rob Ford, professor of politics at Manchester University, who said: "This is the biggest to European politics since the of the Berlin Wall." The vote has already prompted Britain's David Cameron to resign. He led the to stay part of the EU and will step down in October. He said the country needed " leadership". Less is the plight of the 3.3 million non-British EU living in Britain, and the 1.3 million Britons living in other EU countries. Others may follow the UK's in exiting the EU. Representatives from Holland's Dutch Freedom Party and France's National Front Party said: "Now it is our ."

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