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pay sleep add work be say sleep perform connect record
be warn do lose estimate lose find have receive do
A company in the USA is its employees to more. Staff at the insurance company Aetna will get $300 a year to their salary if they get at least seven hours of sleep a night. That out to just over an extra dollar for each night the employee sleeps over seven hours. The idea behind this scheme employee performance. Human resources officials employees will work better if they have well. They add that a workforce that is more awake and alert will mean the company will better. Staff can either record their sleep automatically using a wrist monitor that to Aetna's computers, or manually how long they have slept every night.

There a number of studies that that not sleeping enough can affect our ability to our job. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine said that the average worker in the USA 11.3 working days of productivity a year because of not getting enough sleep. This costs companies about $2,280 for one worker. It that the US economy $63.2 billion a year because workers do not sleep more than seven hours a night. A 2015 study in Europe by the Rand Corporation that staff who slept less than seven hours per night were far less productive than workers who eight or more hours of sleep. The staff at Aetna also extra cash if they exercise.

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