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The words
A company in the USA is [paying / paid] its employees to sleep more. Staff at the insurance company Aetna will get $300 a year [add / added] to their salary if they get at [last / least] seven hours of sleep a night. That works [out / in] to just over an extra dollar for each night the employee sleeps over seven hours. The idea [behind / back] this scheme is employee performance. Human resources [official / officials] say employees will work better if they have [slept / sleep] well. They add that a workforce that is more [wake / awake] and alert will mean the company will perform better. Staff can either record their sleep [automatically / automatic] using a wrist monitor that connects to Aetna's computers, [or / nor] manually record how long they have slept every night.

There are a number [for / of] studies that warn that not sleeping enough can affect [our / ours] ability to do our job. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine said that the [avenged / average] worker in the USA [losses / loses] 11.3 working days of productivity [a / the] year because of not getting enough sleep. This costs companies about $2,280 for [once / one] worker. It estimates that the US economy loses $63.2 billion a year [because / cause] workers do not sleep more [over / than] seven hours a night. A 2015 study in Europe by the Rand Corporation found that staff who slept less than seven hours [per / par] night were far less productive than workers who had eight or more hours of sleep. The staff at Aetna also receive extra [cash / cache] if they do exercise.

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