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   ago      awareness      building      commitment      costs      crisis      electricity      elevators      employees      headquarters      key      more      nearly      profits      reason      similar      stoppage      stronger      temperature      waste  
Toyota is shutting down two at its Tokyo to save money. It will also save and lower the of being in the . One for doing this is the Japanese yen is becoming , especially since the UK voted to leave the EU. In January, one dollar was 120 yen; now it is just above 100 yen. A stronger yen means Toyota cars are expensive and go down. Toyota's profit last year was a record $23 billion.

Toyota said it decided to shut down the elevators weeks . It is also changing the of air conditioners to save money. Toyota did things after the financial of 2008. That also made the yen stronger against the dollar. Toyota said: "The objective for the of elevators…is to raise amongst , and to remind them of the that Toyota has towards…reducing ."

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