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   appointment      campaign      comments      community      creature      diplomat      former      how      leaders      much      new      people      player      politics      racist      record      sadistic      show      top      world  
Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May has surprised the by appointing Boris Johnson as the UK's Foreign Secretary. Mr Johnson is the controversial Mayor of London. He led the for Britain to leave the European Union and is now Britain's diplomat. Mr Johnson has a of being very undiplomatic to world . He once said Hillary Clinton was a " nurse in a mental hospital". He compared Russia's Vladimir Putin to a Harry Potter . He also made comments about African countries and Papua New Guinea.

A British newspaper said Mrs May, "had managed to unite the international in bewilderment by her of Boris Johnson". France's foreign secretary said Mr Johnson lied to the British . Journalists in Germany wondered whether British was becoming a farcical comedy . The Washington Post asked Mr Johnson could become Britain’s top after offending of the world. Mr Johnson ignored about him not being the right person for the position. He said his job was to reshape Britain as a "great global ".

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